GENDER POLITICS: ¿ If Bernie were Bernice ? (a thought experiment)

Photo credit: "Fair Use" from article by Maria Esquinca

Photo credit: “Fair Use” from article by Maria Esquinca

Just kidding about the photo.  Of course that’s not Bernie in drag, as Bernice.  The NY primary is over, and the press is spinning the vote as a big loss for Bernie.  In reality Hillary got 21 more delegates here than he did (less than a 12% difference), as he carried nearly the entire upstate area, aside from a few cities.  (They were a mere ~700 votes apart in Buffalo, out of 50,000+ cast.) The delegate map is very telling.  Hillary lost the rural and suburban vote across the entire state!  In my region I see Trump signs frequently, Bernie signs infrequently, and I have yet to spot a Hillary yard sign.  The party is about to nominate a potential loser who is carrying major baggage, when they could, instead, nominate someone with very little baggage (“socialist”? —ha!  he’s deftly disabused the public of this red herring, and they are rallying for him) who certainly looks like a winner.

But how might the balloting have gone if Bernie were Bernice?  Hillary carried the women’s vote by 57% to 40% of men.  Would the same outcome have resulted, based on comparative ideology, if Bernie were a woman?  I doubt it.  Hillary is closer to being a moderate Republican, a hawk, and in the pocket of Big Capital.  If you voted for her based on those positions, well, God bless you — but maybe you’re not a Democrat.  If you preferred Bernie’s position, would it have changed if she were wearing a dress?  I suspect the outcome would be vastly different, and Bernice (not in drag!) would win the nomination.  

The party needs to heed the liberal wing.  When November comes, Jill Stein will tally many votes for the Green Party because progressives can’t vote for a faux Democrat.  And the Democrat party-elites will need to read that tally, perhaps thru their tears.  Many will vote for a woman such as a President Stein.  The elites could end up being green with envy.  And the chance to nominate a person of integrity, beholden to the voters alone, will be history. Am I charging sexism here?  Perhaps.  (It’s understandable, yet makes no sense when comparing apples.)


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  1. I voted for Sanders here in Ohio as I sit to the left of Clinton but I will have no problem voting for the lady come November. I did union politics when I was working, there was never an election where I did not have to hold my nose when I filled my ballot. It is the nature of elections. We have a real choice this election. Trump is your basic closet fascist. I’m going to vote, I always do, how can I vote for Trump? I’m thinking Clinton will win by 10 points or better, she is that much better at the political game than Trump is. I mean she beat Sanders, he is a fine man but he was not able to gather enough votes and like I said, I voted for him. So we hold our noses and get behind the better person for our national executive. I voted for Clinton in 08 in our primary but you better believe I had no problem pulling the lever for O twice in the last two general elections. Its the nature of politics.

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