Not all snowbirds wear pink plumage!

We’ve  vacationed in Merida several times over the past few years, and now, retired, have settled into the habit of wintering here from near Buffalo NY.  You’re most welcome to follow along on our little adventures. (In summer, I may blog from WNY.)

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  1. I’m in NE Ohio. I live about 60 miles inland from Lake Erie but have a shack in Ashtabula-can’t be far. Ever been to 18 mile creek? It’s a big time Devonian fossil bed over Hamburg way. We camp at Evangola when we’re in that area.
    The idea of driving from Ohio to Merida and parts south does seem daunting, I’ve been pricing flights.

  2. Norm,
    I love 18-mile creek. And I went to an old quarry to dig trilobites with a geology class while in college. If you decide to drive south, one of my oldest posts from last year, about border crossing, is imported into this blog. It might be of some use. I did enjoy having a car in Merida last winter, but this year we will learn the bus system, simply because the drive is so long. Do be careful in the Peten. The McConahay book reveals why. And Jim Conrad provides wise advice about busing in that area. ~eric.

  3. I went to school in Youngstown…the gangsters in Guate are pikers compared, but yes, I will keep an eye out. I find the “no women or kids rule ” to be a good tell. No kids, its time to go elsewhere. Body armor and bling are another tell that has no place among the honest folk.
    I’m leaning toward the bus idea. I’m sure the restrictions on my movement will try me but not having to find a hotel with parking will help that feeling.
    A geology field trip I have planed for Yucatan is the salt pans over Isla Arena way. I want to look at the remains of the Mayan salt works and the remains of the big oil blowout from the seventies-bucket list…
    And if you decide to buy a car, I’m a pretty good judge of rambling wrecks, I could help you with that. Just sayin. nk

  4. I was in your neighborhood last week. We brought my wife’s mom to a care facility in Niles, where her brother lives. ¶ Interesting rule: no kids. ¶ We had no trouble with parking on the street in Merida. ¶ Your salt-pan excursion sounds fascinating. Send me a heads-up email if you’re in town. Maybe we can meet for coffee. ¶ Thanks for the auto insight offer. There is a weekly street sale that happens in Merida where owners sell their rides. I’ve never visited, but it has always sounded interesting. After retiring, I worked at an auto auction, so I have some notions about used cars. Always engaging. ~eric.

  5. Interesting conversations here remind my of that movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves “The Lake House”
    Is there a way of signing up for your blog?

  6. He Eric
    I know you and a few of our friends are hitting the paywall at the WP. Just clear your cache and delete your history and start over.
    And you didn’t think any other TT fans checked here.

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