FISH: Cevichazo has us hooked


Friday fish lunch has become a predictable destination for us. We head for Cevichazo. Find your way onto Avenida Jacinto Canek, which is basically an extension of c.59-a, which is a bit north of the zoo at Centenario park. Avenida Canek is the name of the road once 59-a crosses Itzaes. It’s a major road, shuttling many buses toward Caucel, Hununcma, and Sisal. It passes that huge¬†modern courthouse designed to make everyone feel tiny and helpless when dealing with authority. But, let’s eat!

We had been looking for hardware recently when we stopped here. A friend had told us about a fereterria across from a major fish market, Atlantida. Fisherfolk from the shore bring their catches here, and buy all sorts of supplies, even boats, in this neighborhood. We had heard of this little¬†restaurant, and here we were ‚Äď and we hadn’t eaten yet.

The place is only open during the day, and it was about 4:00. So we had a very tasty lunch, and I went across the street to the hardware store, which was well stocked, but didn’t have what I sought. When we arrived home I learned that I had managed to drop my cellphone from a shallow pocket while in the restaurant. We came back immediately, but the place was already closed. So I visited the next morning, and was happily reunited with my phone. Instead of losing a phone while hunting for not-to-be-found hardware, we discovered a place which has drawn us back most Fridays. We love their ceviches, particularly the Chef’s¬†mixto. And the crispy shrimp is amazing. Victor Cruz and Jorge Angeles are doing a superb job at serving up lunch. Visit, before it gets discovered.¬†






4 thoughts on “FISH: Cevichazo has us hooked

  1. That looks like a modified Peruvian plate of ceviche. They use corn kernels (much larger in Peru) and the purple onions. Not anything like “normal” Yucatecan ceviche. Are the guys Peruvian?

    • Interesting observation, madero. I don’t know anything about their national origins; but there is a Peruvian cheviche on the menu, and it’s good. (The kernels may be bigger, but they’re not huge.)

  2. It’s an excellente restaurant… I had the opportunity to taste the Peruvian Ceviche and I have to say that is delicious. two thumbs up!!!

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