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JOE, black may be fashionable as a little black dress, but you would look just as ridiculous in one, as you do here.  Get a new fashion consultant, man.  Your opponent won’t wear a mask, and is like The Pied Piper leading lemmings over the cliff.  But you look like death warmed over — a skull missing its lower jaw.  (Yes, that photo was taken on Memorial Day – but get smart, please.)  Black crepe went out with the Victorian age.  You coulda brought some dignity to the cemetery, rather than morbidity.

TEAM BLUE is looking black and blue, presently.  The DNC is doing it again – showing signs of pandering to the corporate state, rather than allowing the progressive wing into the big tent. If DNC doesn’t show some respect for the progressive wing, the party will choke again.  (Yes, and I, along with many other progressive voters, will help choke it.)  Anyone but Trump is not going to win.  Wake up, DNC !!!    We told you this in 2016, and you still don’t get it?  (Stop thinking you own these voters, as you clearly do not!)   We are the party of the people, not the party of the corporate state.

Get this, dear Reader :

EXCERPT, detailing how DNC is helping Trump derail the progressive agenda :

[. . .] And yet, when the Republicans proposed a bill to let Trump’s appointees dole out government cash to their corporate allies with no strings attached, this same opposition party mustered not a single recorded vote against the package. Not one.

Thanks to that, Trump appointees and the Federal Reserve can now hand out $4tn to politically connected corporations as they lay waste to our economy and steamroll progressive reforms. Private equity firms and fossil fuel companies get new tax breaks as they buy elections and try to lock in permanent climate change.

SOURCE, TheGuardian : https://tinyurl.com/yd4jfbv3 
Something’s gotta give, folks. DNC has sold out the middle class, to Wall Street.  If Biden doesn’t nominate a progressive Veep, we will know there’s deep trouble ahead.  There’s a grim reaper glaring at us at the top of this page.  ¿Will we ever learn?