!! TOO OLD !! – a film & potential sitcom

This silly-dumb film starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte might be instructive in this political moment. (Netflix.)  The film carries the same title as the book, A WALK IN THE WOODS, by Bill Bryson.   The film is funnier than the political pain at large in the land over voters’ choices between a sex-abusing congenital liar convicted of 34 felonies — and a guy who is lying to himself and the nation that he has the energy to lead for four more years.

AS A SITCOM, imagine two old duffers golfing together after their presidencies, in foursomes with the likes of Ginnie Thomas and Nancy Pelosi, or other walk-ons: Rudy, Hillary, Bernie, Mitch, Barack, et al — hey, this year’s West Wing?