FAMOUS FACES: oil on canvas, by Philip Burke, a retrospective

First Lady. A portrait from a slideshow of, linked below

First Lady. A portrait from a slideshow, linked below

One of my former customers has made it big, and has a retrospective going on at a major gallery in Buffalo NY . He was a starving artist back in the 90’s when we copied his portraits onto 4×5 Ektachrome — but now gets as much as $90,000 for a canvas.  Here’s a slideshow of the work, which has some favorites. (Andy Warhol sat for him, live, for four hours; but most were painted from a collection of reference photos.) I only wish the slideshow linked the names of his subjects, but most will be recognized. (NB: these are copyrighted works which are shared with you under Fair Use doctrine – see my About section.) Please do not distribute the images with any commercial linkage whatsoever!