¡¡ We ALL own the air and water !!

Gathering clouds of economic turmoil.

Gathering clouds of economic turmoil?

Too big to fail? ¬†Nah! ¬†But when filthy rich bullies foreclose on working folks, and then rent repo’d housing back to newly minted peons who now have greatly reduced wages, facing a future of wage slavery, it’s time to re-think. ¬†

We need to re-invent capitalism.  I love it when new ideas pop to the surface on a sea of injustice.  An article and a book might be lifesavers for the peril ahead.  All of us should grab onto these ideas, before the generations (and nature) sink!  A quote from this well-argued article:

A ‚Äúsky trust‚ÄĚ could be created to hold America‚Äôs atmospheric pollution rights in trust for future generations and living pollutees equally. Using peer-reviewed science, the trust would decrease its sales of pollution rights over time until a safe level for nature was reached. Meanwhile, revenue from the sales would be distributed equally to every legal US resident with a Social Security number, offsetting‚ÄĒand in many cases, more than offsetting‚ÄĒthe impact of higher fuel prices.

The sky trust model was based on the Alaska Permanent Fund, which since 1982 has been sharing oil-based income with every Alaskan equally. In 2009, the sky trust became known as ‚Äúcap and dividend‚ÄĚ and was considered, though not passed, by Congress. It‚Äôs still the best climate change solution out there‚ÄĒand one that Congress is starting to re-visit.

We can’t avoid repeating mistakes of the past unless we recognize them. ¬†In this book, INJUSTICES,¬†¬†a former clerk for a federal judge recounts the long and outrageous afflictions perpetrated by the Supreme Court on the larger population. (We don’t hear stories of such moral idiocy in high school.) ¬†What is impressive is that there has been any justice delivered by the court, at all. ¬†But that window was brief. ¬†And the wealthy owners of influence are ascendant, unless We the people¬†discover our past failures at self-governance, and demand change.