¬°¬° NAFTA IS DEAD !! (and the buying public is bleeding)


King of the castle surveys the kingdom

Hear ye, Oye, Hear ye, the great commercial treaty is no more


While NAFTA may still exist on paper, in practice it appears to be quite dead.  Let me illustrate:  we recently bought a laser-printer at Office Depot in Merida, made by Hewlett-Packard.  Weeks later we went back to buy toner.  Not in stock. So we went to the HP store nearby.  Nope.  That package not available in Mexico.  So I looked online at Office Depot for Mexico.  The package is listed as toner negro #30a, but not available at any of our branches in Mexico.  So I went to Amazon Mexico.  No.  But Amazon US has plenty that CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO MEXICO.  

This is not an isolated instance. ¬†I’ve put much effort into searching for items that can’t cross this so-called FREE TRADE boundary. ¬†(This is the second copier ‚Äď first was an Epson ‚Äď that has been rendered useless due to “protected” supplies.) ¬†And it isn’t just Amazon. ¬†I’ve seen similar situations regarding cross-border provisions with WW Grainger.

So, what gives? ¬†Is the buying public being gouged by commercial interests? ¬†In November, friends booked seats on a new route from Miami to Merida with American Airlines, but they were greatly inconvenienced when the entire route was cancelled without notice. ¬†It certainly appears that “market forces” are favoring BIG CAPITAL over consumers somewhere in this picture, rather than honoring a treaty between the people of ¬†three nations. (OK, I just checked Amazon Canada, and they won’t ship this item to Mexico, either.)

UPDATE: Solved! ¬†Although the firm’s website said there wasn’t a single package of toner for this machine in any of its branches in Mexico, a store employee found one for me at the main branch right here in Merida. ¬†It was the only one on hand, so of course we drove there immediately. ¬†Sometimes information can be stranger than fiction. ¬†(I asked the branch staff to replace the one I bought, so there is hope I can get another in the future!)



Urban swamp, c.37, x60y62

Urban swamp, c.37, x60 y 62

¬°¬° FIXED !! ¬†The post below went up a few days ago. ¬†Today I showed up at the gym to see this long-standing puddle emptied and dry. ¬†This has me wondering if a friend or reader maybe contacted the right desk with the city ‚Äď or perhaps somebody with the city reads my blog? ¬†Whatever the case, I’m grateful. ¬†Wow! ¬† Original post:


The city has done a superb job this year controlling mosquitoes. ¬†But there is still room for improvement ‚Äď witness the persistent puddle above, and many like it around town ‚Äď leaking from the municipal water supply.

I know a Canadian couple who didn’t winter here this year because their experience with intense mosquito pressure last year was so great that they decided not to come. ¬†But friends have commented to me that this year has been a season of few bites. ¬†The city should be proud. ¬†(And now somebody should get busy sealing this leak!)


The Team @ BARRIO

The Team @ BARRIO


Her smile indicates just how much she enjoys serving delicious food.  There is an intensity to excel.  Find your way there before it gets discovered :  corner of c.58 @ 45.  (And she speaks four languages!)