My good friend Gordon crossed over “to the other side” yesterday, suddenly. On Saturday I chatted with him briefly in the driveway of the Glauser homestead on Broadway, where his dad and brother live, which he frequented as an office and shop for his home-improvement business. He was very chipper and alive in his tie-dyed T-shirt and bib overalls, saying that he was “back, and even had work” having had some health issues earlier this year. It was good talking with him.¬†

We discussed many things, including weekly prison ministry which he did for more than 13 years, inviting me along and handing it off to me a few years ago. He especially delighted in telling me about singing his step-granddaughter, Alyssa, to sleep each night. He and his “replacement bride,” Lynda, are raising Alyssa at their home in Depew.

Gordon’s son, Aaron, called me this morning to mention that there would be a memorial wake at Meyer Funeral Home on Broadway in Alden, on Wednesday morning (tomorrow! so, please PASS THE WORD). After the service there will be a cookout at the homestead.

Gordon was one of the most direct and focused Christians I’ve ever met. He was utterly without brand, and was ever considering kingdom life here on planet Earth. He ministered to people in their turmoil: in basements, in floods of sewage, and all the perils and¬†hardships of daily life. This morning, while praying for insight on¬†his departure, I came upon this comforting verse from the words of¬†Jesus, which may awaken us all as to how God’s river of saints flows through our lives: “Of them which you gave me, I have lost none.” (John 18:9).
I’ve also inserted this into our virtual hometown newsletter, which can be seen here:¬†

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I’m happy to report that the painting we bought in Merida is now framed and hung in our home. We’re nearly out of wall space, so it’s a relief to have the art safely installed on the wall. (As we both studied art, we’ve got too much stuff in drawers!) But Lobo’s work deserves to be seen.

HUSH, HUSH !!! (your secret is safe here)

The link below introduces a courageous young man who, like the hedgehog, knows something about survival in a world of foxes. He in turn introduces a radical way to communicate without being found out by drug lords or governments or eavesdroppers of any sort. His new free tech-product can make the world a safer place, if citizens will use it to hold thugs of all stripes accountable. (A society which cannot hold violators accountable is destined to devolve into chaos.)



My response to northern neighbors who are alarmed when they learn that we winter in Mexico has recently acquired some better traction.

In the past I would patiently explain that the state of Yucatan has a lower annual murder rate (per 100,000 pop) than ANY of our 50 states. But a new article in Scientific American¬†enables me to share some further insight. It reports that USA is one of the ¬†most violent nations on the planet. Especially telling is a Harvard study summarized in the article which says the key factor has to do with financial inequality, which is horribly on the rise.¬†Here’s a quote, and a link:

“. . .¬†the United States has one of the highest murder rates in the industrialized world. Of the 34 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),¬†the U.S. ranks fifth in homicidesjust behind Brazil (highest), Mexico, Russia, and Estonia. Our nation also holds the dubious honor of being responsible for¬†half of the worst mass shootings¬†in the last 30 years. How can we explain why the United States has nearly three times more murders per capita than neighboring Canada and ten times more than Japan? What makes the land of the free such a dangerous place to live?” ¬†[Hint: allowing Banksters to devastate our middle class is not the safe direction to go.]

SOURCE: The Joker’s Wild: On the Ecology of Gun Violence in America 


George Santayana famously observed that we will repeat the mistakes of the past, if we don’t remember the lessons of history. While I’ve never been a big fan of unions, common laborers spilled their own blood to win dignity for us all, becoming a vital force in establishing a thriving middle class for the US. When big capital and big gov’t conspire to victimize the financially vulnerable, it is time to look into that rear view mirror to ponder bygone lessons. This story is powerful and timely. If you aren’t familiar with the Battle of Blair Mountain WV, or the name Sid Hatfield, let me introduce you to a lawman who was loyal to community rather than capital. He is a hero to whom the middle class (what’s left of it) owes a large debt.

A Piece of American History That the Corporate Capitalists Want Us to Forget: Battle of Blair Mountain | Alternet


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico

SOURCE:  http://whc.unesco.org/en/list


If you are being jammed by BANKSTERS who are fraudulently attempting to steal your home, you might find the linked article of interest. It discusses the concept of “quiet title.” Since so¬†many titles have been sliced an diced until they are untraceable, courts are willing to grant homeowners proof that they are the legal holders of a title, if other claimants don’t respond to the court. Maybe it’s time to beat the investment bankers at their own scheme? “Pass it on!”¬†


And here’s a video on the issue, to establish your claim for quiet title regarding MERS mortgages (“Mortgage Electronic Registration System”):


Noche Mexicana, Buffalo NY

While in Merida, we often enjoyed the many free cultural presentations hosted by the city at the foot of Paseo Montejo on most Saturday nights. So we were delighted to notice a gallery opening of Mexican art (the show was titled Masks) recently in the artsy neighborhood of Buffalo, known as Allentown. The event even included a band of very talented musicians. The event was sponsored by Rick Williams and wife (una Mexicana whose name I’ve forgotten), two of the several artists who own the gallery. They winter in Cuernavaca.


















The band’s vocalist was very energetic and talented. All the musicians put on fine performances. And the art seemed to be selling well. (That’s Sra Williams, in black, next to the Magi in black, red, and green.)