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¿ Would you risk a long prison term to save the planet ?

Well, even if you wouldn’t, there’s a story which inspires hope — intentionally confronting the law and power by turning the tables on Big Carbon, at trial, for endangering life on Earth.  The drama of real life, beyond mere entertainment!


“Too Fat to Fly”     Flickr foto by Michael Zamora

As a serious, retired, organic gardener, I’m cautious about most genetic engineering, opposing it.  But here comes a work-around which should save lives and reduce suffering, in a way which I feel should be fairly considered.  This approach is back in the news, now that it has received FDA approval.  It got favorable exposure last year at Atlantic Monthly. Back then I posed a powerful question to fellow organic gardeners and ecologists:  ¿ Are you an organic fundamentalist ?   Nature has been genetically engineering itself forever.  If we emulate her by following her lead, we can tame the wild without destroying it.  ¿ Perhaps our mosquito neighbors would appreciate being healed of carrying killer strains, and being hated ?