¿Interested in “beginnings”? ~ a new READING GROUP is forming. . .


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We will be reading the book of Genesis (“Beginnings”) between the lines, as literature and philosophy, but not as religion.  The study group will be moderated by the owner of this blog, who dropped out of a graduate program at Harvard Divinity School; and who conducted a nondenominational prison Bible-study (“a stealth ethics class”) as a volunteer, nearly every Saturday for 15 years.  Interested fellow-explorers are invited to respond to MeridaGOround@protonmail.com for evolving details:  presently targeting an early-December or early-January start date, weekly, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, to be agreed upon during formation of a group.  (This is not a virtual class: no Zoom. It will meet in person in Merida MX.)  Gratis. No fees. FUN, I promise! ~eric.

ADAM & EVE : “Original innocence”  :  photo by MeridaGOround

We live in stories.  Stories have a beginning and an ending. (But a sequel? Dunno.) How we interpret them, process them, wrestle with them, can shape our outlook and experience.  (God, of course, would be a character in this study; and we might note that, in reality, an author can also be a character.) Can/should those who read this story of Beginnings question God’s motives, methods, designs? Good stories invite such questions!  Exploring them together can be an enriching experience.

“HELP MATES” :  acrylic painting by MeridaGOround

CAMPFIRE under the stars. Where does a circle begin? Entertainment, to explain reality.

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