‚ÄúThe beginning is near!‚Ä̬†¬†

Check this space for updates and details as the date draws closer. 


The power of story.                             photo by D Sharon Pruitt, wikimedia

Perhaps you’ve noticed the ad below in Merida English Library’s newsletter. ¬†It’s an invitation to a conversation, not to a lecture. I’m hoping that you, and others, might enjoy discussing primitive stories which touch on human nature ‚ÄĒ stories that could enhance our understanding of ourselves and our interactions with each other. ¬†Of course, there will be some god-talk, as God is a character in these stories. There is likely to be some irreverence, as we may have issues with this first-appearing character. We will need to suspend doctrinal positions, endeavoring to ask apt questions of the text. Right questions, rather than bright answers, will be our focus. ¬†Civility will be maintained at all times.

This is an experimental project which cannot get far in a single hour. ¬†(We will examine only a small portion of chapter one at ¬†this first meeting.) ¬†I’m very grateful to the Board of MEL for allowing us to convene in the courtyard of the library, but we must move elsewhere if we wish to continue this conversation. ¬†Please bring your spontaneity. ¬†~eric.

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