SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: An Open Letter to Congress & Voters

by Sage Stossel, Atlantic Monthly Online


An open letter to my Congressman, and yours:

I am a veteran who risked my life for four years defending this nation.  I own a few guns, which is my right under our Constitution.  But rights come saddled with duties.  

You, sir, have not served; but you do have a duty of care to prevent harm.¬† Cowards in Congress of both parties have consistently shirked their duty to defend school children and harmless citizens, instead favoring their own jobs ‚ÄĒ carrying water for the gun lobby.¬† You are serving yourselves.¬†

Yes, Congress is full of selfish cowards.¬† You obstruct all manner of reasonable control, enabling lunatics to buy assault weapons and “bump stocks‚ÄĚ which have no utility in sport hunting.¬† This is now a target issue for me.¬† Any elected official who accepts money from gun lobbies will earn my wrath at the polls. ¬†In November, outraged voters will outnumber those defending a “right” for crazies to buy assault weapons.

Be warned. ¬†This ends now, and here’s how : ¬†Reasonable citizens are watching. ¬†It‚Äôs easy to learn who has accepted such ‚Äúcampaign bribes‚ÄĚ on the internet. ¬†

Stop selling your votes.  Protect the harmless.  Defend our nation.  We promise that we will no longer be governed by cowards! 

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by Nick Anderson, Washington Post Writers Group, 20 Feb 2018

Dear Google, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Faces from FLICKR

Dear Google,

Clearly, you don’t know me. ¬†This morning I was briefly tempted to leave a comment on a respected blog, but was required to login by any number of social media; but I don’t belong. ¬†As I rarely use your search engine, and availed myself many years ago of your kind offer to expunge myself from your files during a brief one-time amnesty, I decided to google myself, in an attempt to learn who you think I am. ¬†I clicked the photos of your topmost collection. The result was hilarious! ¬†

Apparently you think I’m : ¬†a professor, an astronaut, a president, an actor, a woman, a black man, an asian, a prisoner . . . . ¬†Like I said, you don’t know me. ¬†(Well, there were a few photos of me in your collection, and a few more ¬†which I had taken ‚ÄĒ of other people.) ¬†And there was a public record from a death certificate filed by me. ¬†But your album was so saturated with false faces as to be ridiculous. ¬†

Yes, information wants to be free, but I want to remain free of information (unless I’m studying our condition, thanks). ¬† But this is why I use, which never tracks ‚Äď to foil your noseiness. ¬†So, please STOP STALKING ME. ¬†Just go away. ¬†You’re very scary. ¬†Or just look in the mirror, googling yourself, Google employee(s). ¬†Perhaps you’ll notice that this ends badly. ¬†If you don’t believe me, just watch this clip from youtube of Disney’s¬†Sorcerer’s Apprentice,¬†where Mickey teaches a broom to carry water, but fails to provide an OFF switch. ¬†(No ads; you can safely fast forward to 50-second mark of 2:28 minute clip.) ¬†Is this how Noah’s flood began? ¬†

A new book, Surveillance Valley: The¬†Secret Military History of the Internet,¬†about the¬†deep state¬†brings the problem out of the closet. ¬†It’s like “The Matrix” ‚ÄĒ controlling freedom of speech, and freedom to associate. ¬†Yep, Google dear, you’re in bed with the goons who bust heads and seed paranoia among fellow citizens, just like the old Soviet KGB, spying on everybody. ¬†¬Ņ¬Ņ Don’t be evil ?? ¬†Indeed !