SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: An Open Letter to Congress & Voters

by Sage Stossel, Atlantic Monthly Online


An open letter to my Congressman, and yours:

I am a veteran who risked my life for four years defending this nation.  I own a few guns, which is my right under our Constitution.  But rights come saddled with duties.  

You, sir, have not served; but you do have a duty of care to prevent harm.  Cowards in Congress of both parties have consistently shirked their duty to defend school children and harmless citizens, instead favoring their own jobs — carrying water for the gun lobby.  You are serving yourselves. 

Yes, Congress is full of selfish cowards.  You obstruct all manner of reasonable control, enabling lunatics to buy assault weapons and “bump stocks” which have no utility in sport hunting.  This is now a target issue for me.  Any elected official who accepts money from gun lobbies will earn my wrath at the polls.  In November, outraged voters will outnumber those defending a “right” for crazies to buy assault weapons.

Be warned.  This ends now, and here’s how :  Reasonable citizens are watching.  It’s easy to learn who has accepted such “campaign bribes” on the internet.  

Stop selling your votes.  Protect the harmless.  Defend our nation.  We promise that we will no longer be governed by cowards! 

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by Nick Anderson, Washington Post Writers Group, 20 Feb 2018