MOM still keeps me sharp!

Of course, my Mom subscribes to my blog. She called me this afternoon, which doesn’t happen often. (We enjoy a weekly date.)  During her call, I asked her what she thought of my revision of the racism entry updated earlier today. Well, she said she hadn’t read it, as there was no notice of anything being new.  From her call I deduced that subscribers would not be aware of the revision, either, as it is not a new entry. (She’s my angel!)  So I went to fix it, which was a complex task, as the post and been removed by me, modified, and (mostly) stored in various ways.  And now I’m having logic problems with sequencing this post with the first one, so I gave up after a half hour of tinkering.

Please click the racism link above, to read the updated entry of the original post, if you are following that important issue.  ¶  A shout-out to my kid brother, who asked her the right question, causing her to call me, alert as ever.)  Yes, thanks, to ALL ten of my readers! (You know who you are.)