¬Ņ See that little bit of screen in the upper left corner of the photo? ¬†That’s how the home breaker will try to get in. ¬†If you haven’t locked yourself in from¬†the inside,¬†that mesh will get pushed thru, or slit, ¬†and the latch will be opened easily by an intruder, if it is not locked from within.

This has happened to several friends recently. ¬†And the losses can be significant. ¬†One friend had her purse stolen, and credit cards, ID’s and electronics lost ‚ÄĒ while they were listening to music in the backyard during daylight hours. ¬†(And the intruder may even be a woman, “asking for water”.) ¬†Don’t believe it. ¬†Observe the face and clothing accurately. ¬†Call the police. ¬†Nobody let’s themself into another’s home on such false pretense.¬†

Merida has long been a safe and peaceful city.  But there are new folks arriving daily who do not share the local respect for others that has been so characteristic of Meridano culture.   Lock yourself in!  Hang a key near the door, but well out-of-reach, in the event that you have to exit quickly.  Then you can relax and enjoy this lovely city of peace.