I’m happy to report that the painting we bought in Merida is now framed and hung in our home. We’re nearly out of wall space, so it’s a relief to have the art safely installed on the wall. (As we both studied art, we’ve got too much stuff in drawers!) But Lobo’s work deserves to be seen.

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  1. I bought a Lobo painting in Playa del Carmen about 10 years ago, and I have been searching for more work from this artist ever since. I love your painting. Can you tell me what is the art gallery that you purchased it from? My painting is also of a group of Mayan musicians but the feel is much different. Wish I had a picture of it to share with you but my Mom pretty stole my painting and now it hangs as the center piece of her whole house over the fire place…. I must get another one!

  2. Hi. I stopped to talk with Lobo only a few days ago. He usually may be found at Parque de la Maternidad on c.60 between Sta Lucia and Plaza Grande in Merida, on Sundays. ~eric.

  3. Hi Amy (Ms Glaze),
    I’ve only just noticed that you are in Paris, so can’t visit Lobo here in Merida. If you would like, I could arrange (at no charge) a transaction between you and a gallery owner friend, Janet Bremer, of Eskalera Gallery. Here is Janet’s fb page for her gallery: . She has an artist client who has a studio and gallery in Paris, who would surely vouch for her.

    And here is mention of her gallery and his work, on my friend Paul’s blog:

    My wife reads a food blog from Paris by David Lebovitz, and is now reading yours.

    ps: Lobo had one of his older oil paintings on display on the sidewalk recently. I really liked it, but we already have two of his pieces, the other being a sculpture. My wife says we have no room for another. (Wish I had a picture.) Happy to help.

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