George Santayana famously observed that we will repeat the mistakes of the past, if we don’t remember the lessons of history. While I’ve never been a big fan of unions, common laborers spilled their own blood to win dignity for us all, becoming a vital force in establishing a thriving middle class for the US. When big capital and big gov’t conspire to victimize the financially vulnerable, it is time to look into that rear view mirror to ponder bygone lessons. This story is powerful and timely. If you aren’t familiar with the Battle of Blair Mountain WV, or the name Sid Hatfield, let me introduce you to a lawman who was loyal to community rather than capital. He is a hero to whom the middle class (what’s left of it) owes a large debt.

A Piece of American History That the Corporate Capitalists Want Us to Forget: Battle of Blair Mountain | Alternet