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BIG CARBON, just like Big Tobacco regarding nicotine, wants you to deny climate change.¬† They’re spending bigtime to keep you in denial.¬† Don’t be naive.¬† Predictive science has gotten pretty accurate.¬† (If you reject science why do you watch weather reports about when and where the next hurricane will hit?)¬† Keep an open mind!¬† Have a look at my short post about the history of science regarding CO2, from physicist Lawrence Krauss’s new book.

FLOODS can be devastating.¬† Noah knew!¬† And, yes, God told him there would not be another global flood to drown the entire planet.¬† Again, don’t be naive.¬† Rising sea levels (and droughts) are going to cause massive population migrations.¬† Pay attention to the science, instead of to the loudmouth spinmeisters working for Big Carbon who are laughing all the way to the bank.

COAL MINERS used to take canaries into the shaft to detect (by dying!) poisonous coal gas, thus saving the lives of alerted miners.  Artists are like this, alerting the public to impending tragedy (hopefully not by dying). 

ARTISTS.¬† Linked here is an art installation in Boston Harbor, including a video, which might help you ponder what’s coming at us as the meltwaters from Greenland and South Pole soon flood the shores, topple houses, evict residents, and SHUT DOWN THE GULF STREAM (which has happened before, flash-freezing beasts in Siberia which are often unearthed in modern times with tropical vegetation still in their gut).¬† Without the Gulf stream, a new ice age will begin, suddenly!



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A human wave cominig to a shoreline near you :  700 million displaced people