America has been hijacked by Big Money.  Until we wake up to this fact, we are merely watching a puppet show inside Plato’s cave, and refusing to come out into the light.  Yes, do vote for Joe Biden, who gave us Clarence Thomas and denounced busing in Delaware to prevent school integration.  Yes, forget that Joe is a puppet, and Kamala is an enabler of the police state — if you really think it will make a difference to elect them.  It can’t be worse than what we’ve got.  But wake up to the fact that it is not real community, not real change,

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Nothing will change until Little Money, from many small donors evicts the owners of the casino’s puppet show (Congress) where “money is speech” and donations somehow are not bribes.  We need to demand an end to gerrymandering — in the street, if necessary — by which politicians of both stripes game us, and own our electoral system.  We need to defeat the Big-Lie propaganda spewed by Fox, CNN, NYT, Facebook – with our own truth-telling.   Today, All politics is digital, and you are the agent of change.  Be the change you wish to see!  Pull back the curtain, and yank down the wizard’s pants! Let go of tribalism, and join genuine community.  

EXCERPT, below, from CaitlinJohnstone dot com – see especially the embedded link :

If you are an American who is dissatisfied with the presidential choices you are being offered in election after election, consider focusing your energy on the status quo itself. Consider taking the energy you might have put into talking about Donald Trump and Joe Biden and putting it into waking up your countrymen to the fact that the political class is there to rob them and the media class is there to deceive them on behalf of their oligarchic owners.

What prevents real change from coming to the most powerful nation in the world is not the fact that the “lesser evil” loses elections, it’s the fact that everyone’s being manipulated into buying into a fake performance that is wholly owned and operated by a single oligarchic force which benefits directly from oppression, exploitation and mass murder. It’s that there is no “lesser evil”.