La casa de Yul, c.62, a bit north of Av. C√Ļpules, Merida.

++ UPDATE : ¬†There are two new images below, shared by another friend. I’m open to receiving photos of Mexican mural art, with details of location, (and author, if possible). ¬† Perhaps this space, or a new entry, could become a point of documenting these works. ¬†Send me a comment to discuss arranging receipt of images. ++

Friend Pat shared an article with me this morning (++last week) which has inspired me to dig thru my photos of¬†street art¬†seen around town. ¬†That sharing linked me to a digital magazine I was unaware of, ¬†featuring local cultural aspects,¬†Memorias de N√≥mada¬†(my rough translation: ¬†recollections from wandering). ¬†While I daily read the Mexican press online at sites such as LaJornadaMaya.mx , DiarioDeYucatan, and HeraldoDeMexico.com.mx , ¬†I had not known of this magazine. ¬†Pleased ta meet’cha! ¬†¬†The story linked above, telling of an artist named Yul who lives at the depicted building on c.62 between Estadio Alvarado and Avenida C√ļpules, is all in Spanish, which introduced me to some fun new words; if you don’t read the idiom, you might enjoy browsing the photos and events at their Home /Inicio.


 Next up we have a building being painted in a style reminiscent of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.  If you look closely at the photo you can see the artist, Samual Barrera, working on a section of yellow, wearing a blue shirt.  His ladder is around the corner.  The owner sold the building, and the side with circles in black, gray, red and white, near his ladder, has been covered over.

Two blocks north of Av.Colon, near c.6 and c.33-d, in Garcia Gineres, near Slow Food Market

 There is a long tradition of mural painting in Mexico, preceding the golden age of Mexican muralists, such as Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco. Below we see a replica of a mural done by the ancient Maya, at a home in Izamal.

Replica of a Mayan mural in Izamal.


A dynamic work, visible on the east side of c60 x c21 y c19, “Plan de Ayala” enroute to Costco


Near the old train depot in Mejorada neighborhood of centro Merida.  Photo by S.B.


Corn goddess gives birth to maize, inside old train station, c55 y c48, Mejorada, Merida. Photo: SB


Many of the items below are near Estadio Salvador Alvarado, on C.60 or 62.

Mural across from estadio Alvarado, on c.60


Mural across from Yul’s house. on c.62, near estadio Alvarado.




Fachada de jardín, c.64 x41y39, near central police station and Plaza de Toros, the bull ring.


c.64 near c.41, near central police station and bull ring.


The one below is a favorite. ¬†It is too long to share completely, as the detail would be so tiny. ¬†I’ve titled it “Launching Mayan women”. ¬† ¬†They’re wearing huipiles, the classic embroidered house dress. ¬†The mural is near a favorite coffee shop, Pan & Kaffe (c.43, x60 y 58).

“Launching Mayan women” (my title) on c.43, x64y62.


Mural painted by Mario Qui√Īones, on c.55 near c.74, centro.


Home of muralist Mario Qui√Īones, in centro, whose wife is a good seamstress.


Urban art from Buffalo NY (sharing the universal appeal of urban art). An abandoned department store on Broadway at Filmore, dressed in fabric.