Painting by Lobo, “el brujo”.

On a Sunday stroll we happened past Maternidad park, c.60 near the symphony theatre in centro.  I was delighted to see Lobo showing his wares, along with many other artists.  (He last appeared in my pages in July of 2012.)  We have two of his paintings and a lacquered woodblock sculpture at home.  His work is seen in homes around town.  Here’s one owned by a British couple:

Lobo calls himself “el brujo” which variously can be translated as shaman, wizard, sorcerer.  His English is good.  He’s a Yaqui Indian, a philosopher, a musician, and a thinker engaged in the project of life :  pondering that great question, ¿Who am I? – while still trying to feed and house himself by painting and selling on Sundays.  (I don’t believe he has gallery representation, so you’ll need to visit the park if his work appeals.)

Lobo, tending his wares.

Merida is a lively art scene, with many galleries, and plenty to see on foot on Sundays along c.60 or a bit further north on Paseo Montejo between the remate (c.47) and the glorieta (traffic circle, circus) at c.27-a.