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¿¿ Peril ahead ??  This is an important book, written for lay people, as you might notice from the endorsements, below.  The author is a highly accomplished physicist who has won major awards across his discipline.  (Yes, it contains some formulas, but don’t let math phobia deprive you of his careful thinking and clear writing — simply trusting, instead, that he knows how to do the math.)  Professor Krauss describes how we have come to know the basics of climate change over the past two centuries. And, like Charles Dickens, he peers from future-present  into a future which might be, by borrowing a literary technique from A Christmas Carol.

So, is the sky falling?  Well, it depends.  >Read and learn.  Don’t let the trolls own your thinker!  Krauss argues compellingly that there is peril ahead for which we can prepare.  (Maybe you want to read a free sample from the Kindle store — you can read it online without owning a Kindle, by clicking Look Inside, using their  > arrows <  to turn pages.)

“The renowned physicist Lawrence Krauss makes the science behind one of the most important issues of our time accessible to all.” —Richard C. J. Somerville, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego

“A brief, brilliant, and charming summary of what physicists know about climate change and how they learned it.” —Sheldon Glashow, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Metcalf Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Boston University

“The ideal book for understanding the science of global once elegant, rigorous, and timely.” — Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prizewinning author of The Sixth Extinction