MagicJack Support is great!

MagicJack support is great!

We’ve been using MagicJack in Mexico and up north for over two years. Wow, this is such a great product! (It was named tech product of the year in 2009.) Prior to trying this, we had assigned our landline to our cable provider for voip service (voice over internet provider) which was costing about $35 usd per month. After we bought one of these (~$80) our costs went virtually to $zero, assuming you already have internet! We paid $10 per year to MagicJack to port our old number, which fee is up a bit now; and of course, one must have internet to use the device.¬†FULL DISCLOSURE:¬†We recently bought stock in the company upon learning that they now are able to merge cellphone service onto an internet connection using this technology. With phone costs being what they are, this should be a big hit. (I’ve not tried this new GO¬†feature yet, having experience only with the older¬†Plus.)

Their support is truly awesome. Recently our phone began to perform oddly. I had to call support several times, which I’d never done before. They¬†refreshed the connection. After the third request in as many weeks they offered to send me a new power adapter¬†for free! This company knows something about customer care!

How to use it: buy the unit, shown in the photo, or a more recent iteration. Plug it into your computer for an initial handshake¬†connection. Assign your number. Then remove the device from your computer, plugging it into any normal household circuit near your computer, modem, or wifi hub. Done. ¬†There’s a big change coming to the telephone market!¬†This gizmo will pay for itself in three months, or less. NOTE: These devices are soon to be sold in Mexico. See the comment below.





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  1. NOTE: This technology, MagicJackGO, is soon to be available in Mexico thru Movistar, Walmart, and Copal, according to a statement made by President and CEO Gerald Vento, on August 11, 2014, to shareholders. Mexico will be the first of 14 Latin American countries to offer the technology. The cost savings for users, especially those calling to USA, will be enormous, as communications costs in Mexico are among the highest in the world.

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