“Burning Man” spirituality ???

A young Maya man deep in prayer at the end of spring equinox, 2012

Fall equinox is upon us. During spring equinox, March 2012, I attended what turned out to be an open air worship service at Chichen Itza (disguised as a tourist attraction for us gringos, who were welcome and plentiful in number).  I imagine there were 20,000 people present, yet it was peaceful and refreshingly orderly. It was more than an astronomical event. Some were even there to worship! 

I’ve had a lifelong interest in spiritual expression and devotion. Some folks emote, others attend, write, sing, dance. While an excessively outward expression of self-absorption (such as many of the hyper-artsy contrivances of Burning Man) doesn’t engage me much, I still remain a curious onlooker, hoping to glimpse whatever might be transcendent. Here’s a link to a short essay on spirituality at Burning Man. While not written to be terribly uplifting, it at least allows for the possibility. (I’m edified by learning this):

CLICK:  http://lafrench.tv/2012/09/the-truth-about-burning-man/