I love editorial cartoons, which is why AAEC is a daily visit.  (Of course, not all cartoons are visible here; a favorite, Tom Toles, of WaPo, can’t be seen at AAEC.)  I’m sharing copyrighted images from AAEC under the Fair Use doctrine described in the About section of my blog.  (NB:  my blog allows no ads.  This enables me to share without risk of copyright violation, on First Amendment grounds — something cartoonists, journalists, and publishers respect and protect.)

I love this cartoon, as cartoonist Joe Heller sees the future as I see it.  Donald Trump is interested in just two things:  fame and money.  He has been making a grandstanding play for America’s eyeballs, and hopes to win that yuge prize so he can continue to sell ads to 50-million American conservative viewers.   His campaign is all about salesmanship!  He will win by losing — and call his loss a conspiracy, so he isn’t, then, a loser.  (OK, then he’s a free-rider who passes his costs onto the rest of us!)  There should be a non-deductible minimum franchise-tax on anybody making more than, say, a million bucks a year, thus eliminating free-riders.

But if Donald Hump (see below) somehow manages to win, just think for a moment about a President Pence!  Hey, Humper has no governing experience.  He is a dictator, and always gets whatever he wants in his own kingdom.  So he will take his ball and go back to TV when congress and courts won’t go along with his tyrannical ways — sticking America with Mike Pence. Woe is us!  A narrower mind has rarely governed anywhere.  He truly believes he can Make America Moral Again thru Thou-shalt-not legislation.  Ah, how quickly we forget Prohibition.  And coat-hanger abortions.  And medical bankruptcy.  And all the other cruelties the religious right so wrongly would inflict.

Wake up, America!  Yes, both candidates are seriously impaired.  (Hillary’s impairment is Bill, who gave his buds on Wall Street the big prize of bank de-regulation so they could gamble with out deposits, thus crashing the global economy.)  And she wants to appoint him as economic czar!  Not with my help. (I’ve flip-flopped, and am presently planning to vote for Jill Stein, as Gary Johnson is just too wacky; if Bill Weld were heading the Libertarian ticket they would get my vote.)  

Until we permanently put None-of-the-Above on the ballot, we will continue to risk electoral farce.  No Confidence is a valid approach in many countries. On that note, here’s a bit of electoral soft porn from the same issue. Beware! Donald wants to hump you. Maybe even sell you an education!


3 thoughts on “¡¡ GOTCHA BY THE EYE BALLS !!

  1. The Big Cheeto must be making a fortune renting his own offices and jet to the campaign (at five times the going rate, no less), but I suspect he’s damaged his brand beyond repair. Karma’s a b!tch.

  2. “The secret of the demagogue is to make himself as stupid as his audience so they believe they are as clever as he.” – Karl Kraus

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