¬ŅHow Long Can an iPhone Hold its Breath ?


I can’t believe that I forgot that my phone was in my pocket when I went for a swim at the beach on Saturday! ¬†But what is more incredible is that my iPhone 7+ did not drown. ¬†I had waded out to a sandbar where friends were standing in water just above knee-high. ¬†To get there, I had gone thru light surf that was above my waist. ¬†The phone was submerged, perhaps for two or three minutes. ¬†One friend noticed the rectangle in my pocket. ¬†Horrified, I immediately pulled out my phone, surprised to notice that it was showing me the time. ¬†But I feared it would fry any moment. ¬†I shut it down and retreated back to the sand, where I dried it off.

When I got home, I plugged it in and noticed there was an update, which I downloaded.  That went well ; but, oddly, the phone was not charging.  I tried a different charge cable.  Nope.  Both cables kept trying to pop out, and would give me neither the lightning icon, nor the battery-charging icon, which indicate the phone is charging.  The battery was showing about 67% of charge.

Next morning I called AppleCare, and Jackie, from Memphis walked me thru various diagnostic paces. ¬†We decided there might be something lodged in the cable socket. ¬†So she made an appointment for me at the iStore in Altabrisa. ¬†Yep. ¬†Pocket fuzz had apparently become swollen and was resisting full contact between cable and battery. ¬†The Tech’ plucked out the fuzz, and plugged it in, demonstrating that the phone was back to normal. ¬†Wow! ¬†Great product. ¬†Great service. ¬†