Breathing the same air as Socrates and Jesus

Photo from Marquette Magazine (fair use)

. . . and while we’re at it, take another breath which also includes air exhaled by da Vinci and Edison (the story is told well in YOUR ATOMIC SELF). 

Equilibrium.  Right now this principle is at work helping inoculate us with tiny aerosol particles of cv-19 which hang in the air in still spaces for hours, in varying concentrations.  Our immune system is continually sampling and fortifying our defenses against such invaders, so we are presently developing skill at defeating this unwelcome visitor.  We might even individually become immune before a vaccine arrives.  A key is to avoid inhaling too many such aerosols at once. (Handling fear helps, too.)  So, wear a good mask (not just a bandana); don’t touch nasty stuff, and then put fingers in eyes, nose, mouth.  (Hint: use a knuckle at the ATM, instead of a finger.) And learn to recognize risk, from this tragic choir rehearsal. 

Practice safe breathing.  Keep the community healthy.  Avoid ignorant people who won’t wear a mask, while we all work at developing immunity..  (There is a scientific report that suggests mask wearers may develop natural immunity quicker than non-wearers.) The human race will survive.  We can all participate.