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Remember when ? —

the tobacco industry lied to Congress, while having 50 years of hard evidence in its files that tobacco smoke causes cancer? “Cigarette smoking is no more ‘addictive’ than coffee, tea or Twinkies.”

President Eisenhower lied to the public about a spy plane flying over Russia, instead being a weather plane that went off course?

President Johnson lied about Vietnam: “We are not about to send American boys nine or ten thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.”

 President Trump lies about climate change, even tho’ 13 of his federal agencies find it real.  

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Powerful essay linked here about the rights of children to a stable climate:

House hearings are being held during which members learned, for example, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations were last this high three million years ago when the planet was 2º to 3º Celsius warmer, sea levels were 75 feet higher and beech trees grew in Antarctica and the current rate of warming is unprecedented in over 50 million years.

Both sides of the aisle fiddle, while Rome burns!  Speak out, or choke. (see comment)

The fire of Rome, by Hubert Robert, 1771


4 thoughts on “TOBACCO SMOKE, & MIRRORS

    There are currently 7.7 billion people and counting. And reproduction far outpaces mortality. Humanity is currently adding two new babies for every dead person. There are also roughly:
    19 billion chickens
    2 billion pigs
    1.5 billion domestic cattle
    900 million dogs
    Half-a-billion small cats
    On some level, it’s simply a numbers game. We and our select species of animals are destroying the natural habitats of most other life forms. Our habitats are squeezing out theirs. Add to it the pollution we generate, our various resource extraction enterprises, our selective breeding and hunting practice, and of course climate change, and the results are stark: we have remade the Earth as a place where few other species can survive in the long term.
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  2. On a purely cynical level, tobacco could help address that population problem. Also sugary drinks, fast cars, nuclear waste, and poorly engineered GMO foods. All things find balance eventually. We just may not like the place where they balance out.

  3. We’ve apparently had five extinction events and are working on the sixth, (see book: Sixth Extinction) which is clearly a result of the “green revolution” feeding hungry folks — we all love to eat, and make babies! So, what happens when a population at the top of the food chain, having no predators, over-populates the planet? (It won’t b pretty.)

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