¿¿ Who Crucified MOTHER EARTH ??

In the Moonlight, by Albert von Keller. 1894. Oil on canvas: 150 x 100,5 cm,   (Wikimedia commons.)

Nearly 2000 years ago a devout Jewish heretic was hanging on a cross, put there for the crime of loving too much.  Some accounts say the Romans nailed him up there ;  others, that the rulers of the Jewish Temple had arranged it.  

Even tho’ I didn’t yet reside on this planet, I know it was me, a Christian heretic, who required it — due to my reluctance to deny myself the false pleasure of being my own god.  (Clearly, I’ve failed, but as I’ve matured somewhat, I’ve come to think of pleasure as a counterfeit of joy.)

It’s GOOD FRIDAY again, and humanity is asleep in its dreams of technology-as-savior.  Many of my Christian friends are in utter denial that Earth’s climate is changing rapidly, and have elected someone who has ordered  removal of the few safeguards America had cobbled together to delay us from snuffing ourselves.  Yes, friends, global warming is very real, as you can assess with you own eyes, by watching this one-minute satellite animation of 25 years of arctic ice declining in a blink of geological time.  (Heed the evidence of your eyeballs instead of Limbaugh’s lies!)  Remember :  the industrial revolution is only ~200 years old — so 25 years is a long portion of that! Prior to our harnessing of carbon energy, the COlevels had remained mostly steady for 10,000 years.  200 years ago they were about 280 ppm ;  today they are over 400 — preparing to cook us like planet Venus, accord to astrophysicist Adam Frank.

We are crucifying our Mother.  Some of you, who will accuse me of deifying Nature, have deified a man who would be shocked to find himself to have been designated as God-in-the-flesh — by Emperor Constantine, (“the Great Decider”) who wasn’t even a Christian until decades later on his deathbed, when he accepted Christ.  Yet the divinity of Jesus has been “settled doctrine” since the year 325AD.  Kids, he was a man who accepted the dangerous assignment of teaching us of our divinity, but not to invite us to worship him, or into our current thinking that we have a right to ruin Creation thru wasteful living, by claiming to be our own God-in-the-flesh. He was a man who came to teach us we are all divine, when and as we discover that obedience is freedom.  “Oh, but I couldn’t possibly be like Jesus — please excuse me from your heresy, sir.” Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me, said he.  We must each do our own thinking, rather than letting church bullies decide such momentous things for us.

So, how to change course?  (Is it even possible?)  Twelve-step programs tell us we must admit our addiction.  Yes, my name is ____ and I’m addicted to carbon, soot, darkness.  But rather than distracting ourselves by attempting to minimize our addiction with a smaller carbon footprint, we need to step up to calling for policy changes that bring us a radical recovery thru energy conversion.  Light, instead of carbon.  The apostle John summarized his experience of Jesus in a single, short sentence :  God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.  But that sounds so naive!  Could it be true?  What about the holocaust, and birth defects?  

Look, no matter how thin you slice the baloney, it always has two sides.  And the problem of evil is no different.  So, what’s the flip side of that?  (Glad you asked.)  ¿How about the problem of the ideal?   And what is the ideal of sustainable living on the planet we’ve been given?  I will not hasten to answer, but I suspect it has something to do with light — seeing it, being it, loving it.  Yes, Jesus did say I am the light of the world.  But he also said you are the light of the world.  Yeah, you!  And me, too. All of us together, no outsiders, not even Judas!  He stretched out his arms and welcomed us all into the Father’s creation, our walled garden.  Love her. Protect her.  Rescue her.  We’ve been blessed with a gift of dominion.  Let us not trample, but walk here gently.

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  1. Good post.

    As we consider the scope & scale of Climate Change, facing dilemmas that seem too big to imagine … Instead, first consider how we got here. … and Where is here?

    Here? … from Where? … All long term measures of historic Global Temperatures show that we had steady ~gradual~ net Global Cooling for the past 120,000 years. since the end of the hot Eemian period (with its 30 ft higher sea levels because of no polar ice, no glaciers, nada frozen stuff)

    Then consider that the whole 120,000 past years of steady gradual Global Cooling, have been wiped out just since the start of the Industrial Revolution (1780).

    For Climate Change deniers who try to hide behind justifications of “unavoidable natural cycles” … We can explain that “natural cycles” do not explain the spectacular Global warming over just the past 150 years … And … “natural cycles” ignores that this spectacular global heating has never before been seen in the last 120,000 years of data~results. … Which leaves us asking … “Man caused … or is it a freak once-in-1200,000 years “unavoidable natural cycle” … and What are our options?

    To me … It’s stunning that 120,000 years of natural cycle’s steady gradual Global Cooling … has been wiped out by just 150 years of man’s burning shiteloads of coal & oil …

    Man caused in just 150 years? … Consider a single “London to Edinburgh run by train used 9 and 13 tons of coal” … That’s 3½ long tons … or 4 US tons of coal … per hour … to run just a single locomotive…

    4 tons of coal for just one hour = 23,000 pounds of CO2 per hour of running just one typical passenger train … versus millenia of small groups of humans cooking over small fires – equal to just one lump of coal.

    A MODERN COMPARISON … Modern current perspective? ,,, Burning one average tankful of gasoline pollutes over 300 pounds of CO2 pollution …

    That means at 20 mpg … 300 miles traveled … EMITS at least 1 pound of CO2 per mile traveled … (that’s an average… as city driving is much worse)…

    Which is what is driving the current 10 Gigatonnes of new CO2 pollution that modern man’s energy intensive life-styles emit.

    Which leaves us with … What to do?

    Hint: There is an answer.

  2. I really appreciate you taking a religious bent on the earth survival issue. I keep telling those non believers that it only makes sense to hedge your bet instead of denying. Otherwise you might consider yourselves the lemmings that went off the earths cliff

  3. Friend Marc alerted me to a new article at The Atlantic about a scientific committee of stratigraphists who will be voting in May on a term and start date to be added to Earth’s Geological Timeline : anthropocene. (This is a big deal, folks.) As it pertains somewhat to my most recent blogpost Who Crucified Mother Earth? — I’m adding a link in the comment section beneath my article. The committee seems to be divided into two camps — or three, if you count the yet-undecided. (I’m an undecided bystander.) The issue seems to be an extension of a well-framed argument articulated in a recent book I donated to Merida English Library, titled THE WIZARD AND THE PROPHET by Charles C. Mann, author of 1491.

  4. Lemmings over the cliff were a hoax, but the damage to the planet is quite real. I wonder if we are going to snap the food chain before the coastal cities drown. It doesn’t take a deity to explain it, and I’m not looking looking for any sort of divine intervention to fix it.

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