101 YUCATAN TREES & SHRUBS, and other titles, by naturalist, Jim Conrad

I feel so fortunate to have met this guy, and struck up a friendship with him. And now he’s giving away these books! Yesterday he sent me news about his latest title, linked below. Being a big fan of tropical fruit, I am already dreaming of a tiny plantation of some sort, based on his fine observations and images. Enjoy, and try out the Donate button while you’re at it.

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2 thoughts on “101 YUCATAN TREES & SHRUBS, and other titles, by naturalist, Jim Conrad

  1. Hello. I just stumbled on your site and your book, 101 Trees. Looks very interesting. I have traveled some in the Yucatan and just got back from walking some of the sacbes (I use the English plural rather than sacbeob) of Coba. Ran into a lot of trees (a little too literally at times. . . . . ) I don’t know about. What I noticed in my first glance at your book was the good photos, but a lack of any photos of the tree trunks and bark. Maybe that is because many trunks/barks look so similar. But trunks and bark are what we humans usually see first: leaves may be way up, all mixed up with other leaves. Likewise flowers may be way high up, or non-existent, simply because it is the wrong time of year ( much more likely than hitting the flowering time just right). Did I miss some trunk/bark pictures in my hasty first look at your book? Can I send you a couple of photos of bark, especially the thorny kind, to help identify the tree?

  2. [Tom, I sent your comment to Jim, and he has replied to me, preferring to avoid entering his email into the wordpress system.] Here’s Jim’s response:

    Hi Tom. Right, not only did I not include bark, but also hundreds of species entirely, plus flowers and fruits of most, plus usually the odors, tastes, Maya beliefs, etc. “101 Trees” was to hint at the beauty and pleasure of learning about the flora of the Yucatan, not to be a guide to the species, which would be beyond me and require many more years of work.



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