NEW FORUM for Merida English Library


For those who’ve never joined facebook, here’s a new alternative space to discuss library events and issues. Join the group in order to post your messages or discussion topics for the library community. Please note that messages appearing here have no official sanction by the library itself. This is all unofficial, “heard on the street.” Those who post or comment from behind “handles” are welcome to retain their anonymous position; but improved credibility comes by defending your position, letting others see your real name.

~eric.  (Eric Chaffee)

CLICK to visit site:  MEL_FRIENDS : Friends of Merida English Library


2 thoughts on “NEW FORUM for Merida English Library

  1. Unlike Facebook, this site is non-exclusive. Anyone can join; although I, as Sergeant at Arms, will keep the spammers and abusers at bay. Your library needs and deserves your feedback.


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