Side-tracked by a museum

We were out for a stroll on Sunday when we happened upon a little museum in Mejorada Plaza, known as Museo de Arte Popular de Yucatan. Presently there is a show of photographs made by a German guy who came to Mexico in 1905 to make large-format landscape images, but stayed to take some good photos of the revolution in 1913. I especially enjoyed some of his landscape images which include native residents.

An example, depicting a man, a donkey, a volcano and some mountains off in the distance, is an image labeled Indigenous Next to his Burro in a Barn. (The barn is an A-frame structure only about two meters tall, sided with thatch, which mimics the shape of a distant volcano; the farmer, crowned with straw hat, is too tall to fit into the barn.) These photos are worth seeing. The photographer’s name is Hugo Brehme.

The other salas, upstairs, have some intricate and compelling craftwork: ceramics, jewelry, vestments, textiles, folk art, sculpture. We lingered and delighted ourselves with the work, which is mostly antique, but some is more recent. And there is a store on premises which offers some fine and affordable examples of the ongoing work being done in Mexico. The museum is located at c.57 y c.50-a, facing Mejorada park. It opens at 10 a.m. daily, except Mondays.





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  1. Will definitely have to check this one out, which hopefully will be this September when we make the voyage through Mexico. Which reminds me, I believe you once mentioned a link to the route you take. Would you mind sharing that information with us? Would greatly appreciate that.


  2. Hi John
    The favored route is discussed in my July 2012 posts, here:
    I heard a report last week about someone who took the coastal road getting shaken down frequently. We had no such encounters in the alti plano, even though we were stopped by Federales, who were exceedingly polite; they verified that our paperwork was in order, and wished us well.
    ¶ In retrospect, I think I would have stopped in Palenque for a day or two. But we will drive again in the fall, and may do so, as we miss having a car here. Our experiment this year was to fly, and then learn the busses, which are good; but still . . .

    Thanks for reading. Have a safe and delightful journey,

  3. Gracias, Eric. I had looked at that route and wondered if it might not be the better choice. Plus, we will see some sights that, otherwise, we might not see for a while, if at all.

  4. I’m glad you found that museum. It doesn’t seem well known but I think it’s a gem. Have you been to the Museum of Yucatecan Song just on the other side of the park, on C. 57?

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