¬Ņ Who knew ?¬† (they sure didn’t tell us in school!)¬† ‚ÄĒ¬† In 1659, Massachusetts made it illegal to celebrate Christmas‚ÄĒa ban that lasted for the next 22 years!¬† Some religionistas just don’t know how to party; maybe their puritan long-underwear was too itchy?¬† (The word celebrate comes from Latin, celebrare; to honor.) ¬† ¬∂¬† Below are a sampling of some of our Christmas cards celebrating love, family, community, gratitude ‚Äď so much joy over the years.

Christmas card ~1978?

Christmas card ~1979?

Christmas card ~1988?

Christmas card ~1989?

Christmas card, 1994

Christmas card, 1997

Christmas card, 1999

Christmas card, 2001

Christmas card, 2002

Christmas card, 2004. Later, I went digital. More recent greetings can  be seen by browsing December entries.