We’ve spent too many winters in Buffalo. Five weeks ago we arrived in Merida to spend our first night in the home we bought here in February, after selling our small farm up north. We finally feel as though we’ve arrived. (It took a full week to drive here; and five more to settle in.)

Every day is demanding, with volunteer activities, a small construction project underway, language studies, and the adjustments to a new culture. But today was special. I finally was able to finish the prep work necessary to fill the above ground pool. Friends came by to help this morning, when I couldn’t unscrew the filter housing to install a fresh element. 

Once it was topped up, Mary and I went for a swim; and I was able to pluck a mandarin orange off a branch at the edge of the pool. Here we are in a city, but our backyard is lush with greenery – and sufficiently private to skinny dip! Life is good.