WHY MERIDA? (How we came to be here)

220px-RickBayless_in_SanFrancisco-1The guy in the picture above, who looks a lot like me before my hair and beard turned white, is responsible for our first visit to Merida. He’s Chef Rick Bayless, who is famous for his Mexican¬†cooking on PBS-tv (and at his restaurants in Chicago).

Mary and I were watching the show one day, and he was broadcasting from Merida. We looked at each other and agreed that we needed to visit this city. That plan came about in December of 2009. We’ve come back numerous times.¬†Earlier this year we bought a house here. So, there you have the short version of our retirement-destination story.


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  1. That’s about when we saw Merida on TV, but we came a year later. Those were watershed years in a way. Even one year sooner would have brought more plentiful options when house hunting in the Centro. Lots of people caught on to Merida around that time thanks to TV and the New York Times.

  2. Yes, Lee, we also began to notice growing awareness up north of this lovely city. We started looking at houses during our first visit. Being a country boy with deep interest in culture, I said to my wife three days after arriving: “if you ever want to get me to live in a city, this is the one.” That was 2009. We returned at least once a year, experiencing a number of different neighborhoods. But we didn’t want to own two homes; and the one up north was delayed in sale for complex reasons. We spotted our Merida house thru google alert a few days before arriving last November. Our farm sold at the end of December, and we bought here in February.

  3. Another really good reason to be in Merida instead of Buffalo is that we don’t have to shovel snow. My garden buddy lives in Wales NY, ten miles south of us. It’s snowing hard at his farm. Yesterday they got 33 inches. Down the road in Colden, they got 44 inches. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Few places were spared from at least some lake-effect snow that started falling Tuesday, but some places collected more snow than others.

    More fell in southeastern Erie County. In Colden, the snowfall measured 44 inches, followed by 33 inches in Wales, 31 inches in Boston, 26 inches in Springville and 20 inches in East Aurora.

    Wyoming and Cattaraugus counties collected a lot of snow, too. In Perrysburg, the snowfall totaled 41 inches, followed by Varysburg, 37 inches; Warsaw, 33.5 inches; Little Valley, 24 inches; and Silver Springs, 20.9 inches, according to Weather Service reports.”

    LINK http://www.buffalonews.com/feed/here-comes-another-blanket-of-snow-20131213

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