Mexican shorts, 1970, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Mexican shorts, 1970, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Art is such fun. It touches our lives everywhere. And in the item above, it touches our skin with the skin of another creature. While I’m not a fan of wearing leather, especially in the heat of Yucatan where shorts have become part of my uniform of the day, these shorts could be sexy on the right figure. I found them at the newly released collection of images from MoMA, which can be browsed online. Browsing by category, I noticed their collection of Mexican art. Click for a virtual visit to Mexico. Then come see for yourself!

As a student of design, I enjoyed the art of packaging. One of my professors had students design furniture with corrugated cardboard flats, making some very strong, lightweight, fashionable items. Here’s a revision of the classic egg box which is rather elegant, and perhaps about to replace the earlier approach at your local grocery. The story of this design student’s homework is told and illustrated by BBC.

Egg box, revised by a design student, as homework

Egg box, revised by a design student, as homework


4 thoughts on “ART as PACKAGING

  1. I do not like the new egg crate. I use all my old egg boxes to start plant, and the new design is not going to work for me. This could be the end of gardening as I know it.

  2. Ha! Hey, try yogurt cups, but first nick holes in the sidewalls around the circumference of the base so you get good drainage. Yeah, I like the old approach, too. But it may take considerable time for the new to arrive before the old is displaced. I imagine those old machines will run nearly forever.

    But it won’t be lack of egg cartons that limit my gardening. We had to give our dog away, who kept the woodchucks and rabbits at bay, although I get to see her every weekend. And then there is the late blight problem that came up from a Home Depot vector in Alabama to infect tomato, pepper, eggplant & potato plants a few years ago. Our tomato crop was rotten before ripening last year. Sad. Hardly worth bothering.

  3. I don’t eat enough yogurt to make it worthwhile. I keep the varmints out by stringing hotel soaps with my peas and tomatoes, the deer don’t like the smell. For the rabbits, I pick up dried blood at the garden store, it’s a good fertilizer and makes the bunnies and chipmunks think my garden is a place of death.

  4. I’ve tried all these suggestions, Ron. The dried blood keeps me out of the garden, too. And bambi is just a taller thumper with a bigger appetite. Last year I shot a woodchuck, and felt bad. (At least the dog used to eat them, mitigating the waste.) Two nights ago the deer trampled my garlic, which I planted in October – the only planting in the plot. Over the winter, chipmunks built two nests under the hood of our convertible. A new air filter for the engine, which I installed: $24. Remove nest from passenger cabin blower: $97, by our mechanic. This country boy is about ready to decamp.

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