Call it what you wish:  propaganda, lies, spin — it is done to brainwash and frighten the public.  In this case, the motive is to plant fear into the minds of Hispanic voters, suggesting they could be arrested while attempting to vote.  Don’t believe it. Look at the evidence.  Read the story.



Imagine how much the the photographer, actors, and agents were paid.  Some people will do anything for money! (We know what to call them.)

400foto: Nancy Fouts  


One thought on “¡¡ FAKE NEWS !! — ¡¡ REPORTAJE FALSO !!

  1. I get a lot of this stuff from members of my family who claim they will be voting for tRump. It falls under one of two headings: things where there is much more to the story, and things that don’t check out at all.
    If you have to make things up to support your point, do you actually have a point at all?

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