Justicia. Baden-Würtemberg. Wikimedia Commons (fair use)

Healthcare is complicated, and costly.  We don’t need another busybody telling us what is right or wrong about settled law.  Life will become more costly yet, if the current nominee is confirmed.  While I find abortion repugnant, I won’t tell you how to manage your body, within reason. But the current supreme court nominee seems inclined and happy to do so.  

Mrs Barrett apparently has already decided the question posed by my blogpost, for you.  (In  a law journal article she has cited a teaching from her church that calls all abortion immoral. ~see paragraph 5.)

So let’s conduct a thought experiment in which the above-named woman, in her youth, was raped and impregnated by a pedophile priest.  Now, we can’t know what she would have decided under such circumstances. (But I trust we can agree that the priest was immoral.)  If she were your daughter, what would your preference have been? … Would you want to retain an open window for allowing your family’s  consideration (and prayer) to protect this choice?  

He who said  Judge not, lest ye be judged (Matt 7)  arguably has not lost any of his well-deserved eternal rest over the question of abortion.  Let us recall that he also said that not even a sparrow falls to the ground, but that the Father knows (Matt 10).  Yes, and he also agrees that Thou shalt not kill. And yet he instructs Peter on minding his own business.  (John 21:21).  It is noteworthy that he did not say Don’t allow your neighbor to kill.  Case closed.  Court is adjourned.

There’s more to be wasted than lives and dollars with this nomination. Liberty and justice are at stake.  Does America still value separation of church and state, codified as first  among our Bill of Rights?