A Puerto Rican sculptor is one of many featured artists.

The word¬†craft¬†has many layers of cultural meaning. ¬†If you want to enjoy the high end of the spectrum ‚ÄĒ if you long for inspiration and uplift ‚ÄĒ I invite you to consider this series, CRAFT in AMERICA. ¬†It’s available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and from many Public Broadcasting Stations. ¬†(The link is to a 2-minute preview at PBS. ¬†Amazon previews are not found by me, and viewing PBS here in Mexico can be tricky, involving use of a VPN ‚Äď a virtual private network.) ¬†

NOTE: The season/episode numbers are a jumble, being dissimilar  between PBS and other streamers.  For example: at PBS, the item above is Season 11, Episode 2;  but at Amazon the same episode is Season 9, Episode 2.  Season 7, Episode 1 is titled Neighbors at Amazon, and features craft artists from Mexico; but PBS says that particular production is Season 9 Episode 2, so there appears to be no correlation between platforms and numbering.

To find the Identity episode at Amazon, go to Prime Video. Search for Craft in America: Identity.  Individual episodes are $1.99 usd.  Subscriptions are $2.99/month.  Start the new year inspired!