¬Ņ Are you still the person you were when you got your first credit card, signed your first loan, bought your first car. or registered to vote, still writing exactly like you did back then?¬† That person no longer exists; and that signature surely has changed. Indeed, it was never consistent! ¬†¬†EXAMPLE :¬†A few weeks ago I found my social security card, which was signed when I was 16. ¬†It looks nothing like my current signature. ¬†Yet these lawyers are contending they have the vision to detect an early self from a current self, and cancel your ballot? ¬†Gimme a break! ¬†

I won’t argue that there has never been voter fraud. ¬†Such would be a silly assertion. ¬†But when lawyers and politicians insist that they are qualified to be paid big money to evaluate signatures of voters, it’s time to throw down the gloves. ¬†This is a junk argument that they, on both sides of the aisle, have floated to pay their cronies big money. ¬†This is sophistry at its worst. ¬†The public should insist that it receive summary rejection.

The public needs to¬†say NO to these magicians¬†who are perpetrating a scam on the us. ¬†This “authority” is utterly naked. ¬†There is nothing scientific about signature studies. It is alchemy, inventing gold from mud. ¬†And the gameboys are laughing all the way to the bank. ¬†No matter who wins, the public is fleeced by fraudsters floating specious arguments, for cash. ¬†It is time for the public to rebel against such nonsense. ¬†And the people, who are governed by the states, under election law, have the authority to do so. ¬†But they would need to rise up in protest, striking, which is a right under the First Amendment. We should not allow any ballots to be rejected for signature complaints, without additional proof of fraud. ¬†Many red states have already purged voters without evidence, as reported in this book, by journalist Greg Palast. He cites a wholesale pattern of injustice, for example: there being two people with the same name, that it is someone voting twice. ¬†What! ¬†And with this absurd logic half million voters have already been removed!¬† Could you be one?





HOW TRUMP STOLE 2020 : : A Book Mention

Greg Palast, photo by Gabriel Olsen (fair use)

UP FRONT : ¬†I don’t know this guy, and have not read his book,¬†HOW TRUMP STOLE 2020.¬†I happened upon an author interview¬†that is worth visiting, which I’ve excerpted below. ¬†Our author, depicted above, is intriguing ‚ÄĒ especially his very focused work on election fraud. ¬†Here’s an excerpt between him, and Chris Hedges. ¬†I ask you, dear reader,¬†how crooked is this?¬†‚ÄĒ (note that I’ve blackened some type for emphasis, and quick digestion):

GP: Okay.¬† So, starting out with–you mentioned the system created by a guy called Interstate Crosscheck, created by a guy, as you’ll find the book called Kris Kobach of Kansas.¬† If you can’t remember that name just remember KKK.¬† Mr. KKK who was [INDISTINCT] State of Kansas created a hit list of people to remove, which he called Interstate Crosscheck, got a lot of press pray–praising him from the mainstream press saying he was hunting down all the people voting and registering in two states, which is a crime.¬† No reporter until I got in for Rolling Stone ever asked for the list, for the names, who were these evil double voters?¬† Why aren’t you arresting them?¬† They didn’t arrest anyone, 7.2 million suspects.¬† And you’ll see in the book there’s a chapter called 358 James Browns.¬† So, 358 James Browns were removed from the voter rolls of Georgia based on this hit list by Mr.KKK because he found, believe it or not, a James Brown in Detroit, and a James Brown in Baltimore, a James Brown in Phoenix, of course, they were matching and they’re saying it’s all the same voter, so they’re removing them.¬† Even though it’s James Edward Brown‚Ķ

CH: Let me just–let me interrupt–let me interrupt you because this is¬†‚Ķfrom the book.¬† They often‚Ķ¬†‚Ķhave different middle names. ¬†¬†[ . . . ]

GP: Yeah.¬† So, you go James Thomas Brown–and this is an exact–this is a real example, James Thomas Brown and James Edward Brown are supposed to be the same voter.¬† But here’s the trick, how do they know it’s black?¬† Well, it’s simple.¬† So, I asked the Secretary of State of Michigan, “What color do you think Michael Brown is?”¬† I gave him a list of whole Michael Browns where not one middle name was matched that he’d removed.¬† They removed 50,000 voters in Michigan.¬† Fifty thousand voters in 2016 with names like Brown, and Garcia, and Kim, and Park, and Ho.¬† So, what’s happening is they take the common names.¬† Eighty-five–the one hundred most common names in America according to the census are minority names like Garcia and Rodriguez.¬† There are 832,000 Garcias in America, Chris.¬† And so, if you’re–like our expert said, if your name is Jose Garcia, you’ve been–you’re being accused of voting in 29 States.¬† I’m not kidding you, this is the stuff that they’re doing.¬† They’re not arresting anyone for double voting.¬† They’re simply erasing them because these clearly aren’t double voters.¬† But, yeah, at 1.1 million voters almost all voters of color were removed from voter rolls using this–that’s just one system.¬† You also mentioned this thing of–it’s kind of called Use it or Lose It or Purged by Postcard, what happens, you missed an election or for example, they blocked you from voting.¬† Wisconsin, you walk in, you’re a young person, you hand in your student ID, they say that’s no good.¬† You walk away, you didn’t vote.¬† Now, they take away your registration.¬† They say, oh, you skipped the election.¬† You’re “inactive.”¬† Now, what is an inactive voter?

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