¬Ņ Are you still the person you were when you got your first credit card, signed your first loan, bought your first car. or registered to vote, still writing exactly like you did back then?¬† That person no longer exists; and that signature surely has changed. Indeed, it was never consistent! ¬†¬†EXAMPLE :¬†A few weeks ago I found my social security card, which was signed when I was 16. ¬†It looks nothing like my current signature. ¬†Yet these lawyers are contending they have the vision to detect an early self from a current self, and cancel your ballot? ¬†Gimme a break! ¬†

I won’t argue that there has never been voter fraud. ¬†Such would be a silly assertion. ¬†But when lawyers and politicians insist that they are qualified to be paid big money to evaluate signatures of voters, it’s time to throw down the gloves. ¬†This is a junk argument that they, on both sides of the aisle, have floated to pay their cronies big money. ¬†This is sophistry at its worst. ¬†The public should insist that it receive summary rejection.

The public needs to¬†say NO to these magicians¬†who are perpetrating a scam on the us. ¬†This “authority” is utterly naked. ¬†There is nothing scientific about signature studies. It is alchemy, inventing gold from mud. ¬†And the gameboys are laughing all the way to the bank. ¬†No matter who wins, the public is fleeced by fraudsters floating specious arguments, for cash. ¬†It is time for the public to rebel against such nonsense. ¬†And the people, who are governed by the states, under election law, have the authority to do so. ¬†But they would need to rise up in protest, striking, which is a right under the First Amendment. We should not allow any ballots to be rejected for signature complaints, without additional proof of fraud. ¬†Many red states have already purged voters without evidence, as reported in this book, by journalist Greg Palast. He cites a wholesale pattern of injustice, for example: there being two people with the same name, that it is someone voting twice. ¬†What! ¬†And with this absurd logic half million voters have already been removed!¬† Could you be one?