2 thoughts on “FRIDA-WEAR

  1. Interestingly I was recently talking about Frida’s wardrobe with my friend Victoria, a Zapotec, a “teca,” from Juchit√°n, Oaxaca. She said that when she wears traditional dress outside of her region, people comment on how she is “dressing like Frida Kahlo.” To which she politely replies, “No, she dressed like us.” Kahlo admired and emulated the style of the women of the Zapotec culture of Oaxaca. Much of the style she made famous was copied from traditional styles of Oaxaca.

  2. Thanks for enhancing the conversation, Mark. Victoria’s response should not be surprising. Having gone to art school myself, it’s apparent to me that most of what humans do is derivative. There aren’t many original thinkers on this planet. (Nope, “nothin’ new under the sun.”) Yet we do enjoy juicing the mix. ~eric.

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