My absentee ballot arrived today. I’ve been torn about how to proceed: Libertarian, Green, Justice. ¬†The Justice Party is not on the ballot in NY, but these candidates endorsed by the Justice Party have qualified for recognition as write-in’s in NY. Ever the idealist, I’ve decided they are my choice.

Sorry, Barak, but I just couldn’t pull your lever again, after you appointed Summer and Geithner to fix the economy that they ruined. These Justice guys don’t stand a chance, but at least I feel good about what they say they would do (which I felt about you, until you betrayed our trust). ¬†~eric.


3 thoughts on “Rocky ANDERSON / Luis RODRIGUEZ : for PREZ / VEEP

  1. I see your point, Eric. This guy is everything a progressive, like me, could want in a candidate. However, I feel that not casting my vote for Obama puts Mitt Romney one vote closer to the presidency and that would be a disaster for our country. IMHO.

  2. John,
    I may be making the same mistake that I made in 2000, when I voted for Ralph Nader; but we will continue to get the same results if we continue to vote for the lesser of two evils: an evil presidency. While I don’t think of Obama as personally evil, I do think he is largely controlled by Wall Street, and they ARE doing very evil and destructive things to our nation.

    So, if there are honorable, qualified candidates we never vote for, we have chosen to retain an evil system. How long should we continue in this mode?

    Thanks for commenting. ~eric.

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