Gimme Shel†er*

Homeless Jesus, sculpture by Timothy Schmalz, Ontario

Homeless Jesus, sculpture by Timothy Schmalz, Ontario

Where do you live? Apparently, we all live in an upside-down world, where success is often failure, and wealth is sometimes poverty. ¶ A most famous economist, Adam Smith, posited the Invisible Hand of the marketplace, (while not actually using that phrase). But he was first-and-foremost a moral philosopher and would, I think, be dumbfounded at the robotic immorality of markets today [a great review here.] NB: When profit attempts to eclipse compassion, we can expect change to rebalance all accounts. The statue above is in front of a well-to-do church in Davidson NC. (Another may soon be approved for installation in Rome, near the Vatican.)

Got room for Jesus? While you may not find him at church (unless you want to take him with you) he would be happy to come along – including on the other six days, which are equally important (see 14:5,6). So what are you bringing to the party? Jesus doesn’t require grand space; just a tiny corner of the heart. He’s not fussy, never scolds, and cleans his own room. Who could ask for a better roommate or companion? 

*Lyrics from the Rolling Stones song by this name, first stanza:

Yeah, a storm is threatening
My very life today
If I don’t get some shelter
Lord, I’m gonna fade away


2 thoughts on “Gimme Shel†er*

  1. In case you haven’t seen this post (or seen it on TV), I’d like to share this with you and your readers: There is now recent hard-research evidence to support your thesis that volunteering, “giving” etc., is beneficial to our health. (I hope the link below is “clickable”.)

    As well, I really like your entry of the mask combined with the fallen Easter Egg. I have thought about it several times, and the presume that you made a collage of some sort. Very beautiful indeed. I myself have a similar mask, but not treated as creatively as yours is. (Mine is also slowly suffering from heat-stroke.)


  2. Sorry–somehow I guess I erred and posted this comment into the wrong section–it belongs in your earlier post, where I just reentered it.

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