Hockey Night in Merida: Fire without Ice

Knowing that the hockey season up north has been “misplaced” makes the event photographed and shared here all that much more amusing. Especially, please notice the flaming “puck” – a nine pound rubber ball; and the fact that these players are barefoot. (I bought the theme for Hockey Night In Canada from iTunes, just to taunt my Canadian readers, but have not been successful at embedding it into the post. Sorry fans.)

These photos were all made on Maya “New Year’s Eve” at the close of the 13th Bak’Tun, knowing that tomorrow would be the end of the world, or the Beginning of a New Epoch.


It’s the Jaguars vs the Bucks tonight at Plaza Grande arena (we’re talkin street hockey, here, folks) in front of Merida’s main cathedral. The bench is deep, and the goons are fierce. The lighting is a bit weird, but hey, some say tomorrow will never come, so it should be a colorful, memorable event. And in the old days of this game, (called pok a pok by insiders who speak Mayan) the captain of either the winning or losing team (historians disagree) would be sacrificed by beheading – so make it your best game ever, guys!

Who sez stickmen don’t look good in pink?

The referee lights the “puck” – a nine pound rubber ball.

No, the Ref didn’t burn his fingers at face-off. He just blew a whistle.

Here’s a short video of the action. (Dont’ step on the burning embers in bare feet!)


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Goalie makes a fashion statement! (Actually, they don’t have goalies. This dude was just hangin in the end zone. A bouncer?)



That ring in the upper right corner of this photo is the goal. The puck must be lofted through it. We actually saw three goals scored.

The Buck bench looks on while the Jags eat their Buck teammates for lunch.

Another night of good, clean, free fun in the lovely, gentle city of peace:  

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

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