Wandering Wolf, Maya Elder.  (Video of a new beginning.)

DON Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, (“Wandering Wolf”) a senior elder of the Maya

A major documentary, SHIFT of the AGES, linked below, holds forth hope and promise for a new day. It tells the ongoing story of our global transition from tribalism to a united, harmonious, human family. There is drama, and a quest, when a sacred object conferring authority is relinquished by the featured elder, and is then kept by another elder rather than continuing to circulate. Wandering Wolf demonstrates humility, perseverance, stamina, and peace in pursuing a just outcome. There is much beauty in this film, which speaks peace to a world in turmoil, seeking awakening. Settle in, make some popcorn even. (Hey, corn came to us all, from these people. What else do they have to offer?)

CLICK: http://www.shiftoftheages.com/