Christmas decked out in Merida

Two blocks from our flat is a street which gets closed off every Saturday night for festivities, termed Noche Mexicana, here decked for Christmas.

We’ve been here before. I think this is our third Christmas in Merida. Christmas day is forecast to be 95ºF (35ºC): Hot! That would be the highest winter temperature we’ve seen. While the birth of Jesus –  the reason for the season, had nothing to do with winter solstice, but rather, an awakening to a conscious ongoing relationship with the Divine – the cultural artifacts are nonetheless enjoyable. (For anyone who might like to ponder that relational event further, here is a Christian nondenominational , nondual site written by a friend who has done a superb job articulating the new birth into awareness: CLICK 

Fat man in red suit rides again. Memo: Eric, “you must become as a little child” to get past this stuff.

Elder brother gets his portrait drawn, while little brother really has to pee.

CLICK: VOCALIST  (Short Video)

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And, of course, there are many food kiosks selling crepes, corn, tortillas . . .

Here, Sobrina, the most famous taco maker in Merida, (our favorite) feeds multitudes.

And don’t forget the mirimba players.