Nobel Prize in Consumer Electronics

Electrtonic mosquito racquet

Yeah, yeah, there is no such prize category. ¬†But there should be! ¬†And the iPhone doesn’t need a prize, as it has already won the market. ¬†

So, here’s the first nomination. ¬†This little gem will help you tame the turf inside your house ‚ÄĒ and it gives such satisfaction to hear it bark and see it spark, when you connect with one of those evil bloodsuckers, mid-air. ¬†There are numerous brands and styles. ¬†I prefer the plug-in variety, as batteries seem wasteful. ¬†I always leave mine plugged into the wall so I know where to find it ‚ÄĒ it doesn’t hold much of a charge, fading after about a half-dozen kills. ¬†(Of course the best control is good screening of windows and doors.) ¬†But mosquitos get in when people enter or depart, so I sweep the area immediately. ¬†

You can buy such racquets in larger grocery stores, from Amazon MX, and often at major intersections.  They really work.  In Spanish: raqueta de mata moscos. Good hunting!  

(NB: ¬†swing gently ‚Äď otherwise you will whack furniture, ruining the delicate device, which consists of three layers of metal mesh.)


3 thoughts on “Nobel Prize in Consumer Electronics

  1. AUTHOR’S COMMENT. Sadly, the raquet in the photo above quit working after two years. When I shopped for a replacement for that very effective tool, the game had changed. Apparently ADAIR, the maker of the one above, no longer makes these. And the market is glutted with cheap imitations, all having black handles. (I bought several at Walmart, for 99 pesos, which don’t work.) I will keep looking and report back if I find an effective replacement.

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