Tell them to stop watching us. <CLICK for details: TIME®

Tell them to end PRISM surveillance.

Tell them to repeal the Patriot Act.

Tie up the phones lines until they relent.


One thought on ““STOP WATCHING US!”

  1. Maybe this quote, from TomDispatch, will chill you into action:

    “Since 2001, for instance, it has become possible for the FBI to present you with a National Security Letter which forces you to turn over information to them, but far more strikingly gags you from ever mentioning publicly that you got such a letter. Those who have received such letters (and 15,000 of them were issued in 2012) are legally enjoined from discussing or even acknowledging what’s happening to them; their lives, that is, are no longer theirs to discuss. If that isn’t Orwellian, what is?”

    SOURCE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tom-engelhardt/global-security-surveillance_b_3453265.html

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